Frequently Asked Questions regarding CYR

Q: How much does it cost?

A: See BOOKINGS section

Q: Do I need my own kit?

A: See BOOKINGS section

Q: Where is the track?

A: Refer to the LOCATION tab above

Q: My son/daughter is only 6, but may they ride?

A: Of course! That's what we're here for! We start from 4 years old and even if they can't balance yet.

Q: Will my child hurt themselves?

A: It is possible, but not likely. Your child will fall off at some point but the safety gear should prevent serious injury.

Q: What bikes will they be using?

A: Refer to the Bikes section of this site.

Q: What if its raining?

A: Rain is not a problem. In fact, it develops the child's skills by helping them learn how to ride on wet surfaces.

Q: I would like to book lessons for my son/daughter. How can I check to see if places are available?

A: Refer to the bookings section of this site and if in further doubt call Simon on his mobile 07957200471or email (see contacts).

Q: My question isn't here, what do I do?

A: Phone Simon on 01494-728618 or 07957200471 with your question.

Q: Can children use their own bikes on the track?

A: This is possible providing the children have had courses with us and their level of attainment corresponds with the type of bike they are riding. The bikes will also have to be in a safe condition which will be decided and verified by CYR staff.

Q: Can i take photos at the track?

A: Yes as long as it is only of your child and it is not for commercial gain or placed on a social media site without CYR's written permission.

Q: Can I film with a "GOPro" and place on social media sites?

No, not without CYR's written permission.

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