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Current Covid 19 Response - - Fourth Lockdown 

Dear Customer

We are following new law now that the fourth wave of the pandemic has been reached.   We have consulted the local Environmental Health and Trading Standards authorities who have given us clearance to open. At the same time no one would want to put any extra pressure of the NHS at this critical moment in the Pandemic so all our previous Covid safe precautions will be in place that were in place through previous lockdowns. 

Please see below for updating relevant information regarding the specific courses or private sessions.

Past and present customers, thank you for being patient and understanding in this difficult time.


Chiltern Young Riders conducts training courses throughout the year, rain,shine or snow!

Each course consists of FOUR one hour lessons done on 4 consecutive weekends. All the safety equipment and clothing is provided- we are happy to have the children wear their own as long as it is BS m/cycle approved.

Places are limited at present to only have 5 persons per lesson, they are booked on the basis of first come, first served. Bookings should be sent by post to the office address, with a cheque payable to CDB ltd and a signed and completed Booking or Rebooking form.

Payment and Bookings must be received no closer than 28days before the start date of the course.  Any cancellations must be in writing BEFORE the 10th of the month preceding the Course start date- ie the date the course cheques get processed.

We try to observe office hours when dealing with enquiries, so please don't call after 6pm. 


Please make sure you send an enquiry form from the "Contact Us" tab on the website. We will always respond within 24 hrs. If you haven't heard from us by then please call mobile 07957200471 and speak to Simon. Once it is established whether you want a private lesson or to join weekend courses you will be asked to send in the forms below.

If you or your child has NOT attended CYR before then you will need to click on the Booking Form, print it off and send to us at the OFFICE address completed accompanied with the cheque.

If you or your child has attended CYR before then you will need to click on the Re-booking Form, print it off and send to us at the OFFICE address completed accompanied with the cheque. (However, if the last attendance was over one year ago then use a booking form)

If you cannot determine which course or lesson time is available please do not hesitate to email us through the contacts page. You will receive a response within 12/24hrs.

Pupils once they have completed their first course will not necessarily be allocated the same day or time on future rebookings- this is why there are no prescribed lesson times on the Rebooking forms. Lessons are made up according to ability and are grouped on that basis.

Booking Form    Re-booking Form

Prices of Courses

Four week course for 4years to 6years - £195 

Four week course for 6years to a height of 5 ft 8 ins (1.73 mtrs) - £185

Four week course 5ft 9ins upwards(1.79 Mtrs ) and Level 5 upwards- £225 (needing Big Wheel 85s bikes)

Four week course yz 125 £250. Under 18s.

Adults, on adult sized bikes £250.

Weekday private lessons including maintenance instruction - Age and experience dependent-please email for pricing - airbag priced separately

Cheques payable to CDB ltd and please post date to the 10th of the preceding month ( e.g. 10 April for May course)


Please note private sessions and courses are NOT transferable and the cancellation policy is in writing more than three weeks (21days) before the session/course start date.

Next weekday  Private riding/maintenance Lessons for children, adults or families-  private 1 1/2 , 2 or 2.5 hr sessions available from February 2021 weekdays, during the day or after school daylight permitting.  These sessions can be considered comparable to school PE lessons. 

Please note if a rider becomes over-tired we reserve the right to stop the session in the interest of safey.

Weekend Course Dates

April course - dates 3/4 - 24/25 (reserve slots only- full)

May course - dates 8/9 - 29/30th ( Full- reserve slots only)

Half Term Holiday - Booking private 1-2-1 sessions now- some availability.

June course - dates 5/6 - 26/27 (Full -reserve slots only)

July course -  dates 3/4 - 24/25 - (5 mixed level slots left on Sat- 5 mixed level slots on Sundays)

August Summer Holiday- weekday one off  2hr stand alone group sessions only, in place of a weekend course. Dates, 2hrs morning and afternoon on the 10th and 12th then 24th and 26th. Starting at 10am to 12 then 1pm to 3pm. Any number can be booked but not 2 in one day.

Choose which session and which date you want, 5/6 places available on each session. Cost will be £120 per session. Book with the booking or rebooking forms and cheques 

Sept course starts 4th and 5th of September -Booking now.

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