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  • Bookings info :

    Chiltern Young Riders conducts training courses throughout the year, rain or shine or snow! Each course consists of four, one hour lessons spread over 4 consecutive weeks. All the gear needed (bike, protective clothing etc.) is provided, although children can use their own as long as it is motorcycle BS approved. Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings and re-bookings are done on a first come first served basis. Bookings can only be accepted by post or at the track with the appropriate forms and full payment- Cheques need to clear so payment cannot be accepted closer than 2 weeks before course start date.  Full payment by BACS bank transfer must be received no later than one week prior to the start of the course or individual session. Email Simon for payment details.

    The children are provided with the following safety equipment: Helmet, neck brace, body armour (torso protector), elbow pads, gloves, mx trousers/pants, knee pads and boots. It is compulsory for each child to wear this equipment. If you wish to purchase your own kit, please talk to us first and see KIT section on BIKES&TRACK tab.

    The lessons are carried out at our track near Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire and are never cancelled because of bad weather including snow. They will only be cancelled if CYR consider it dangerous to proceed. Due to high demand our spaces are very limited, so please be sure that your child does wish to join the course.
    Please note that refunds/cancellations and transferable courses(or lessons) are not available two weeks before the course start or one off session date.

    How to Book :

    Bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis so please book early to avoid disappointment.  Please contact Simon before making BACs payment to ensure spaces are available.   Booking and re-booking forms required.  Bookings will  NOT be confirmed until PAYMENT and BOOKING  or  RE-BOOKING  forms are received.

    Put your cursor on either the booking or re-booking form TEXT below and click to show forms. 

    If your child has not attended CYR before, you will need to print off and complete a booking form and enclose this with your payment.

    If you or your child has attended CYR within the last year, you should complete the re-booking form and enclose this with your payment.

    Please note- send all post to office address BELOW - do not send bookings to track address.  Cheques payable to "CDB ltd"






    To determine course place availability, please contact us - either by post, email or telephone as pupils will not necessarily have the same slot on subsequent courses.

    Courses-  (dates open)

     Lady bikers- "try-offroad" sessions-new for 2017-based on our Bikesafe course-weekdays. Contact us for info.
    BIKESAFE- offroad session for road bikers.  Weekdays only. Contact Kawasaki initially £220
    Holiday Maintenance sessions/ private riding or FMX 1-2-1 be arranged individually. 

    January 2018- Starts 6th/7th Jan - (FULL)
    February 2018- Maintenance sessions for Level 2 and upwards- no course riding lessons this month- we are focussing on the children's knowledge
                             of the bikes they ride. These will be 90 mins each weekend over 2 weekends total 180mins. Groups will be 1instructor-1 child
                             with a quiz at the end.  Cost will be £150.  Saturday and Sunday sessions available 9.30-11, 11-12.30, 12.30-2, 2-3.30 ( Reserve slots only)
                             Weekends 3/4  -- 10/11 -- 17/18 -- 24/25

    SPRING /Summer
    Limited number of TRY/OUT sessions available-email for dates.

    March 2018- Starts 3rd/4th Finish 24th/25th- (FULL) reserve list
    April 2018 - Starts 7th/8th to 29th/30th - (FULL) reserve list
    May 2018 -  Starts 5th/6th to 26th/27th - ( FULL) reserve list
    June 2018 - Starts 2nd/3rd to 23rd/24th- Booking now.
    July 2018- Starts 30th June/1st July to 21st/22nd. Booking now.
    August holiday sessions-email for info and dates. Booking now.
     Prices -

    Standard (4 weekends-one hour per weekend) course cost £170 - standard means people from 7 years old to a maximum height of 5ft 8ins  ( 1.70mtrs) if unsure call. If taller the adult bikes may need to be used at a slightly increased cost.

    1 to 1 or 4-7 year olds or extra needs £180.  Adults £180 (if not adult sized bikes)

    250cc and 125cc (adult size bikes/ wheel size 21ins -18ins) course slots-KX/YZ125@ £220.  Kx250 F 2017@ £220 from January 2017.


    Do NOT make a BACs payment without sending a signed form either by email or by post.  Cheques are the preferred method of payment unless within a week of course start date then use BACS.  Cheques made to CDB Ltd



    MMS LTD.  (This is a sister company to CYR-contact at MMS Ltd, Avelings, London Rd Amersham,HP7 9DL -07858651672)

    Maintenance Courses Levels 1, 2 and 3

    The maintenance courses are a vital part of the riders' development but are not needed to be integrated with enrolment on CYR MX riding courses.  It is most important the riders understand the safety implications of riding a well maintained bike.  The skills and understanding they gain from these courses will be of use to them throughout their lives.  The courses are carried out at Amersham or at the track and it is not essential to possess a bike before attending a course.  We can provide maintenance quiz papers to assess skills prior to enrolling. Each of the Levels is a 5 hour session. Contact Simon re slots- Availability over all school holidays.  
    Talk to Simon for more information.

    Birthday Parties - Time slot 3pm to 4 or 4.15pm -From March until mid October - Minimum number 4 - any age 7 or above. Cost guide £50 per head per child. Includes the use of the lodge for picnics and drinks.

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