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  • Bookings 2018-2019

    Chiltern Young Riders conducts training courses throughout the year, rain,shine or snow!

    Each course consists of FOUR one hour lessons done on 4 consecutive weekends.

    All the safety equipment and clothing is provided- we are happy to have the children wear their own as long as it is BS m/cycle approved.

    Places are limited as we only have 5 persons per lesson, they are booked on the basis of first come, first served.

    Bookings should be sent by post to the office address, with a cheque payable to CDB ltd and a signed and completed Booking or Rebooking form.

    Payment and Bookings must be received no closer than three weeks before the start date of the course.


    HOW to BOOK

    If your child has NOT attended CYR before then you will need to click on the Booking Form, print it off and send to us completed accompanied with the cheque.

    If your child has attended CYR before then you will need to click on the Rebooking Form, print it off and send to us completed accompanied with the cheque.

    If you cannot determine which course or lesson time is available please do not hesitate to email us through the contacts page. You will receive a response within 12/24hrs.

    Pupils once they have completed their first course will not necessarily be allocated the same day or time on future rebookings- this is why there are no prescribed lesson times on the Rebooking forms. Lessons are made up according to ability and are grouped on that basis.


    Prices of Courses

     Four week course for 4years to 6years  £180

     Four week course for 6years to a height of 5 ft 8 ins (1.73 mtrs) £170

     Four week course 5ft 8ins (1.73) upwards £220 (needing full adult sized bikes) 

     Weekday private lessons - age and experience dependent-please email for pricing- airbag priced separately

     Cheques payable to CDB ltd and please post date to the 10th of the preceding month



    Nov Course- Full - dates 3rd/4th to 24th/25th-

    December Course -  dates 1st/2nd to 22nd/23rd-FULL reserve slots only

    XMAS holiday 1-2-1 private sessions available-email for details and dates.

    Jan Course- Extra lesson on at 9am Sat 4 slots available.- dates 5th/6th to 26th/27th

    Feb Maintenance course- level 3 riders or above. Please enquire by email- dates 2/3rd to 23/24th-7 places left

    March Course-- dates 2/3rd to 23/24th  (FULL) reserve slots only

    April Course- Full - NOTE DATES- 3 WEEK Course -dates 6th/7th- 13/14 and 27th/28th NO EASTER WEEKEND -This includes a £5 course increase £132 or  £169 for 125cc 

    May course -some SPACES available- dates  4/5th to 25th/26th (Course fees have increased by £5)

     Halfterm break, private lessons in the week. 27th May to 3rd June.

    June course -dates 8/9th to 29/30 ... all spaces available

    July course -dates 6/7th to 27th/28th...all spaces available





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